Miradonna by Miraclesuit, is a new brand of shaping swimwear arising from the marriage of two successful swimwear companies: Miraclesuit, the American leader in shaping swimwear and AFS International, a major Italian swimwear powerhouse that has been marketing its swimwear and beachwear brands internationally for decades.

The Miradonna name carries in itself a message in two parts which tells the story of our brand: Mira is an invitation to admire the great Italian designs that will embrace the beauty of the Donna, the feminine Woman this swimwear line wishes to celebrate.

Some key design directions have been at the core of the creativity process, such as…
- Italian shaping fabric, that sculpts the body without tightening it
- Silhouettes, draping, engineered patterns that are meant to flatter a woman’s figure
- Stylish placed prints and matching solid colors to please the eye and provide this comfortable line the right fashion edge.

European women are very discriminate when it comes to swimwear designs. In particular, they like lower backs, higher legs, and thinner shoulder straps, all styling details we have been working on when developing Miradonna swimwear, although this is a product that also needs to offer great shaping benets. Besides a great swimwear line that combines style, fashion and shaping, Miradonna completes its offer with a superbly crafted beachwear collection that matches both printed and solid swimsuits, and with a matching bikini line for those days when the sun is bright…